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DIASTASIS - Current Concepts for Effective Assessment and Management

DIASTASIS - Current Concepts for Effective Assessment and Management

DIASTASIS - Current Concepts for Effective Assessment and Management

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This course was recorded in October 2022

Welcome to DIASTASIS - Current Concepts for Effective Assessment and Management

Hi – it’s Antony Lo The Physio Detective here.

Do you ever feel like the world of Diastasis Rectus Abdominis is constantly changing and it’s hard to keep up?

Well, this is the online course for you.

In this 1.5 hour presentation, I’m going to go through the current concepts about the Assessment and Management of Diastasis Rectus Abdominis, and give you some simple ideas on how to assess and provide exercise and treatments that will help your clients achieve their goals.

Myths will be busted and some great insights from other key players in this area are also included.

The online course was presented LIVE and the recording is now available for purchase.

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What participants said about this course:

“You’re amazing and I appreciate you! Doing great stuff for the industry and empowering humans to move more and get back to doing what they love! Thanks Antony!”

“Thank you. Certainly going to think differently when working with my patients”

“Thanks, always love hearing your thoughts, and encouragement to really work so individually with each person!”

“You’re always a mover and a shaker when it comes to changing how care is provided for those with DRA – keep shaking Ant!”

“Thanks so much this was very insightful”

“Thank you, what a wonderful and insightful webinar!”

“Thank you Antony! This was such great information. Can’t wait for you to come to Canada”

“Keep doing what you are doing! It’s so helpful for all of us!”

The instructors
Antony Lo (he/his)
B.App.Sc.(Physio)(USyd)., Master in Manual Therapy (UWA)

Antony Lo is a physiotherapist from Australia and runs The Physio Detective service. He earned his degree from the University of Sydney and has been in practice since 1997.

He completed his post-graduate masters in Manual Therapy (Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy) from the University of Western Australia and commenced his Specialisation training in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy.

He has been involved with treating CrossFit athletes since 2011 and has helped some of the world’s best CrossFitters at the highest levels through to beginners of all ages. He loves and participates in CrossFit and is a strong advocate for the sport. Through participation and through his work as a Physiotherapist at all levels of CrossFit, he has developed a model of treatment that utilises the best from Sports Science, Musculoskeletal/Sports Physiotherapy, Pain Science, and Women’s Health research to provide a realistic holistic model of care balancing the biopsychosocial model of healthcare.

He is NOT an employee of CrossFit, he does not represent or work for them in any way and his views and opinions are entirely his own. He holds a CrossFit level 1 – Trainer Certificate and is a CrossFit Football Coach/Consultant (now CrossFit Sports Specific Application). Antony has a wife and 3 beautiful children in the best city in the world – Sydney, Australia!

Course Material included in this course
  • DIASTASIS: Current Concepts for Effective Assessment and Management
  • 0. Welcome and What's Included
  • 1. Diastasis: Current Concepts for Effective Assessment and Management
  • 2. Handout (Slides) in color
  • 3. Handout (Slides) in mono
  • 4. Chat from the Zoom Call
  • 5. Diane Lee's Video
  • 6. Munira Hudani's video
  • 7. Grainne Donnelly's Video
  • 8 - 3 Weeks PP - At Rest and PF Cue Only
  • 9 - 3 Weeks PP - At Rest and Auto Curl-Up
  • 10 - 3 Weeks PP - At Rest, PF Cue Only, At Rest, Auto Curl-Up
  • 11. 6 weeks and 6 months Post Op Abdominoplasty - Xiphoid to Pubic Bone Side by Side Video
  • 12. 6 months Post Op Abdominoplasty - Stitch Loop captured on RTUS
  • 13. We hope you enjoyed this webinar!
  • Feedback
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