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Home Office Ergonomics

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Home Office Ergonomics

Home Office Ergonomics

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This online course represents a paradigm shift.

I assert that ergonomics should be focused primarily on increasing natural movement rather than trying to improve the way you sit. In this course we will strip away every arbitrary element of the work day and build the optimal Work From Home (WFH) strategy. I want to prove to you that it doesn’t matter what you have or where you're working, but how you go about it. If you or your patient find yourself sore and tired after a long day working from home then this course is for you.


What You Will Learn

The topics covered are all about changing your behavior and environment to better balance neurophysiological states. These topics include: 

  • Practical ways to get moving while working from home
  • Setting up the perfect workspace
  • Organization for productivity
  • Time boxing to optimize brain function
  • Resting more effectively
  • Preventative self-treatments
  • Building transition rituals
  • Mastering both the acoustic and visual environment
  • Eating mindfully


Course Content

1. Introduction

We will summarize the topics that will be covered in this course and provide the fundamental information regarding ergonomics.

2. Setting Up Your Workspace

Optimizing your workspace is the key to feeling energized at home. Let me guide you through the steps to create the perfect WFM layout. 

3. Decreasing Pain

Let’s talk about how using dynamic spaces, tuning into multiple ergonomic angles, and self treatment strategies can reduce your pain.

4. Increasing Productivity

Do you want to maintain productivity throughout your work day at home? With strategies such as time boxing, transitions, and scheduling, let's ensure that you can continue to focus throughout the work day

5. Tips For Optimization

Some final tips and tricks to maintaining a healthy lifestyle when working from home. We discuss how to get 10,000 steps, eating mindfully, finding the right ergonomic equipment for you, and how to get stronger effortlessly with the use of visual suggestions.

6. Closing Summary



The conceptual underpinnings of the content comes out of years of ergonomics research I have facilitated. I worked with the world's leading ergonomist Alan Hedge at Cornell University and with the University of Waterloo. The suggested applications I share come from my experience as a workplace chiropractor. I've spent 8 years assessing and rebuilding people's workspaces, getting to learn about what works and what doesn't in the process. I guarantee this work from home masterclass will not be your average course.


Course Time

This course will take approximately 45-60 minutes and you will receive a certification of completion when you have completed the course. 


Target Audience

This course will help you improve you and/or your patients' WFH experience. For healthcare practitioners, it has the added value of equipping you to better advise your patients on home office issues.

This online course is for Physiotherapists (Physical Therapists), Chiropractors, and Osteopaths. It is also relevant and available for the patient/public.  


The instructors
Dr. Jonas Eyford
President at Recharge Wellness

Dr. Jonas Eyford is a chiropractor and founder of Recharge Wellness who graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 2012.

Jonas has previously specialized in sports injuries and chronic pain, now focussing his efforts towards workspace wellness. He has built and led custom wellness programs for companies across Canada with the goal of continuing to grow his amazing team of clinicians. Jonas is passionate about creating highly engaging wellness services that will delight employees and contribute meaningfully to their lives.

Recharge Wellness brings specially trained chiropractors, physiotherapists/physical therapists, and massage therapists to your office and runs all services through benefits coverage to keep it free for staff and for the host companies. Recharge Wellness Stations are helping to make working in an office healthier and more productive. As far as corporate wellness solutions go, Recharge brings a tangible demonstration of care to groups without cost.

Course Material included in this course
  • Setting Up Your Workspace
  • Setting Up a Perfect Workspace
  • Less Pain
  • Fixing Poor Posture With Dynamic Spaces
  • Ergonomic Angles for Less Pain
  • Preventative Self-Treatment
  • Increasing Productivity
  • Time Boxing - Get More Done with Less Stress
  • Improving Mood by Resting Intelligently
  • Work Bleeding Into Personal Time? Implement Transitions
  • The Perfect Working Day Schedule
  • Organize for Productivity
  • Distractible? Fix Your Acoustic Environment
  • Sleeping Poorly? Fix Your Visual Environment
  • Tips
  • Get Stronger Effortlessly with Visual Suggestions
  • Get 10,000 Steps While You Work
  • Eating Mindfully
  • Buying Ergonomic Equipment
  • Summary
  • Closing Summary
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