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Managing my practitioner account

This feature is available to Tier 3 Members only. An outline of the memberships available on Embodia can be found here.

Quick actions make it easier to navigate your Embodia account. 

To enable Quick actions on your account, go to your avatar (initials or photo in the top right corner) > My settings. Check the box next to Enable quick actions:

Quick actions feature on Embodia

The Quick actions button will now appear on the bottom left of your screen:

Quick actions on Embodia
When you click on the Quick actions button (or press the commands on your keyboard), a search bar will appear. You can select any of the options listed (e.g., 'Add a patient', 'Select a patient' etc.), or use the Search bar. 

Quick actions on Embodia

Use the search bar to navigate to any area on Embodia. For example, if you type in ‘Patient' in the search bar you will be able to select from the options to: ‘Add a patient’, ‘Select a patient’, or 'View my patients’, and navigate to the corresponding area on Embodia.

Quick actions on Embodia

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