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Managing my practitioner account

Congrats! You’ve received a referral code to join Embodia’s Practice Management System. This lesson will show you how to redeem your code. 

Please note: Embodia’s referral program is for Tier 3 Memberships only. You can learn about Embodia’s Membership tiers here.

With your referral code, you will save $20 off your first month’s membership!

To redeem your referral code, follow these steps:

1. Create an account on Embodia or sign in to your existing account

2. Go to your avatar in the top right corner and then to My membership:
Become an Embodia Member


3. Choose the Clinic membership option:

Embodia Clinic Membership

4. Enter your clinic name and click on Create clinic.


5. Select the Tier 3 membership

Embodia's Tier 3 Membership for Practice Management

6. When checking out, enter your billing address and the referral code:


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