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Home Exercise Programs (HEP) on Embodia

Through Embodia, you can communicate with your patients through two-way messaging. By default, this feature is disabled for your account. 

To enable two-way messaging, click on My conversations under the HEP tab and then on the link to enable the messaging feature.

Enabling two-way messaging on Embodia


This will take you to your settings page. 

To enable messaging with your patients, check the Enable messaging with my patients box (#1 in the image below).

To enable a patient being able to attach notes when completing an exercise, check the Allow patient to attach notes when completing an exercise box (#2 in the image below).

Practitioner message settings on Embodia

Once you have set your settings in accordance with your preference, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Update my settings. 

You can choose to enable, both, one, or none of these features. However, if you enable "Allow patients to attach notes when completing an exercise" and would like to be able to reply to these patient notes, you must have messaging with your patients enabled as well. 

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