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Clinics on Embodia

Welcome to Clinics on Embodia!

This course will guide you through the Clinics features available on Embodia. 

What is a clinic on Embodia? Just like a physical clinic location, a clinic on Embodia connects colleagues who work together. Embodia is a virtual space for collaboration and is designed to manage your physical clinic. 

Each Clinic on Embodia can have one manager. Certain features, such as management of who has access to the Clinic are only available to the manager.

Being part of a clinic enables additional functionality for sharing patients and resources including collaborating with team members, sharing patient profiles, viewing and editing (with permission) home programs prescribed to shared patients, and using content uploaded by your colleagues, such as exercises, patient education, and questionnaires.

Clinics on Embodia require a Clinic Membership. You can learn about our membership options here.

If you already have an Embodia Clinic Membership, you can perform all of the actions we outline in this course. We suggest watching/reading each subsequent lesson and then performing the task on your account. This will help solidify what you're learning.

On Embodia, there are two ways to view our help articles: 

  1. Taking the course: 
    • Benefit: tracks your progress.
  2. Guides:
    • Benefit: Includes a search bar where you can search for relevant key terms or lessons without having to sift through all the content.

If you would like to create a Clinic Membership on Embodia, follow the steps outlined in this help article. If you currently have an Individual Membership on Embodia, please send us an email to so that we may switch your account to a Clinic Membership.

This course discusses the practitioner experience, if you would like to learn more about the patient experience, visit our patient guide, Embodia for Patients. This guide contains articles you can use to learn about the patient experience on Embodia as well as share with your patients when/if necessary.

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