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Train the Trainer Part 5: Analytics

The Courses/Manage section provides course admins with an overview of their courses, feedback and detailed payment statistics.

Go to Education > Courses/Manage:


You will see three tabs: Courses, Feedbacks, and Campaigns. This help guide will go over the Courses tab. To learn about the Feedback tab go here and to learn about the Campaigns tab go here.

The Courses Tab

The Courses tab provides an overview of all of your courses:

Embodia instructor courses dashboard

Here's an outline of what each section means:

  • Course title: the course title is hyperlinked and will show a detailed breakdown of course purchases (outlined below).
  • Cost: the cost of the course.
  • Attendees: the total number of attendees.
  • Total revenue: the total revenue for this course.
  • Notification icons: view and change your notification settings by clicking on any of the icons on the right hand side. Learn more about notifications in the article Selecting your notification settings for your courses.

By clicking on the title of your course, you will view a detailed breakdown of all course purchases. At the top of the page the following information is displayed:

Embodia instructor payment dashboard

Here's an outline of what each section means:

  • Embodia's cut: the percentage of course sales that goes to Embodia.
  • Content creation fund: if you have a content creation fund (CCF), the total amount of the CCF will be displayed here.
  • Split Processing Fees: Embodia processes payments via credit card. The processing fee is split between Embodia and the instructor.
  • Course Instructors:
    • The names of the instructors of the course and the revenue cut for each. The revenue cut will total 100% of the instructor share.
    • Share taxes: whether or not the taxes are shared with the instructor(s). Taxes are charged on purchases made within Canada and the taxes are shared if the instructor has a Canadian HST number.


The Payment Summary shows the total amounts and the breakdown of the totals for Embodia and the course instructor(s). In our example the instructor name is Jane Doe.

Embodia instructor payment dashboard
Here's an outline of what each section means:

  • Revenue: total revenue
  • Taxes: total taxes charged
  • Payment Fees: total payment fees 
  • Contribution to CCF: total contribution to date to the CCF
  • Net: (revenue + taxes) - payment fees

The Payment Details shows:

Embodia instructor payment dashboard
Here's an outline of what each section means:

  • Name: the first line will show name of the person who purchased your course, followed by Embodia, and then the name of the instructor(s).
  • Amount: the amount paid for the course, without taxes.
  • Taxes: any taxes paid for the purchase of the course. Taxes are only charged to those who purchase from within Canada.
  • Payment fee: the credit card processing fee.
  • Contribution to CCF: any contribution to the CCF. If there is payment owing to the CCF, the purchase of the course will be used to pay back the CCF less Embodia's 30% revenue.
  • Net: (amount + taxes) - payment fee
  • Payment Date: the date of the payment made to the instructor.
  • Bundle Sale: if this course was purchased as part of the bundle, it will be indicated in this column. To learn more about course bundles, please visit this article.
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